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  1. Hello my name is John White and I am the Customer Experience Director for Hy Vee on Barry Road. We are holding our annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand to fight childhood cancer event on 5/31 and 6/1. We would love to have a few of your members in full dress at our event. I feel that your group would be a huge draw as well as being able to educate those that have no idea of what a huge contribution that the buffalo soldier had . Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  2. Pastor John L. Brooks will be attending the event on 7/28/21.

    Thank you for the invitation. You can reach me by phone at 816.241.1431 Ext. 301

  3. We are preparing for a Juneteenth Parade in Liberty Missouri at 6 pm on June 17 and would love for the Buffalo Soldiers to participate. We are commemorating the dedication of the Legacy Memorial in Fairview Cemetery where 700-1000 enslaved and free men and women were buried in unmark graves. Please contact me at 816-799-6049 for further information and details.

  4. Good evening. This is motivational storyteller/oral historian-Br. John.
    Today, I recieved a call request for a Buffalo Soldier presentation from a lady by the name of, Gwen Edmonton in Jefferson City, MO.
    She wishes for a speaker on the topic to be a part of her Juneteenth Celebration program-Saturday, June 18, 2022.
    I relayed to her that unfortunately I was unavailable that day to prior speaking engagements. However, I immediately thought of you great folks & friends and give high referral to you.
    Here is her contact info to reach out to her. Thanks!
    Gwen Edmondton: 573-694-3399
    Jefferson City, MO.

  5. I really enjoyed your presentation at the delta cultural Center in Helena on April 14. I work in code enforcement for the city of Helena – West Helena and I spoke to the mayor about the presentation, he was sorry he missed it. He has requested that I contact you for some information regarding your various programming and ability to present on location, particulars and prices requirements etc. If you would be so kind as to share the information with me I would be grateful.

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