News Letter


From The Executive Board:

Trooper John Bruce, President: As you know the year 2020 is coming to an end. As your president I would like to thank all chapter members for a great year even though we had to overcome certain obstacles that involved our daily lives. We were limited to at least one, in person, presentation in spite of the pandemic virus while the United States was in a shutdown mode.

Though, with the internet, we were able to do presentations online from our homes. I was glad we could keep in touch with our chapter members via GoToMeeting and by phone, our motto: We Can, We Will (we did), Ready and Forward (we moved on).

We had two new members join the chapter in 2020, I would like to see 2021 take us to another level. Requests are coming in now for next year which is a great thing. At the close of this year, the chapter got involved with “Toys For Tots” I would like to do this annually.

Again, be safe, wear your mask, do everything that’s possible to be safe, if God says the same, looking forward to seeing you next year.

God Bless All of you.


George Pettigrew, Executive Vice President:

Trooper Terry-Pettigrew and I joined the Alexander/Madison Chapter of KC Buffalo Soldiers four years ago next month.  Although the time has passed quickly and with great achievement, I want to express my gratitude to each of you as we close another event filled year.

We are blessed with the greatest group of people I’ve ever gotten to know. Considering the dangers and difficulties this year has burdened each of us with progress wasn’t a casualty for the Buffalo Soldiers. Every action this year was progressive and positive. Change was inevitable due to the Covid 19 pandemic and our heartfelt thanks goes to every member for remaining safe and strong in your belief in our mission. “We Can, We Will” and “Ready and Forward” has never been more evident than this year.

When we canceled our monthly meetings in March, it was the beginning of evolution in our program. But nothing stopped us from moving forward as a group. With the superb leadership of Trooper J R Bruce and the dedication of every member we are better positioned and prepared to take on the future!

Recognition of our chapter and the legend of the world-famous Buffalo Soldiers is getting more attention than ever. We are poised and completely prepared for any challenge or opportunity that comes our way.  Most importantly, everything we’ve accomplished is directly tied to your support. So all that’s left to do this year is to offer my heartfelt thanks for making the difference that makes it all possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you and I’m looking forward to the best years to come.



Trooper Carol Green, Ist Vice President:

Greetings, thank all of you for being supporters and troopers of the 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers. A special salute and special recognition for outstanding leadership to our President, Trooper John Bruce. Even during this 2020 pandemic our chapter has made remarkable accomplishments. I salute each of you and pray our God will continue to keep his loving arms of protection around us. As we pull forward into 2021 in service, dedication, and educating the community, we strongly believe that the best is yet to come.

God Bless You and May God Bless America


Trooper Madison, Treasure:

It’s been a long, unusual year, that most of us do not want to prolong. For some, it’s been hard to stay put. I for one get cabin fever whether it’s hot or cold. If the sun is shining, I like being outside for at least a minute. During the 2020 spring and summer lock down, I spent most of those nice days in the park watching boats on the lake, walking, or sitting in my truck, “Midnite,” drawing while listening to the radio. The chapter was shut down, but with God’s provision, through the help of our chaplain, we were able to keep in touch through ‘GoToMeeting.’

On our last ‘GoToMeeting,’ I reported dues concerning 2020, in this letter I have included those who have paid dues this year. Member dues are personal, so you will see only your payment and balance. If you have not paid dues for 2020, your dues will begin at the regular membership meeting, January 9, 2021. Membership dues are still $10.00 monthly or $120.00 a year. The one-time joining fee remains at $25.00 which all members have paid. Our Amex Credit Card was canceled, and our P. O. Box was not renewed, both will save the chapter $150 annually. Our permanent address is 6700 Raytown Rd., Raytown MO 64133. New membership cards will show only this address.

Finally, my Notary Commission was renewed for 4 more years, expiring 10/25/2023.

Continue being Safe


Benevolence Officer, Trooper Gordon:

Christmas Cards were sent to chapter members. The chapter is concerned about our ailing members, please let one of us know about your health concerns so that, if possible, we can help. Even in these uncertain times, we may be able to visit in some way. Also to those who suffered a loss: Troopers Frank Richardson, Larry Tolliver, and Robert Hollinger transitioned to Fiddler’s Green. We are available, so let us know if there’s something you need, or if there’s something we can do for you.



Thumbs up to Trooper Carolyn Burton for taking the virtual classes at Woodneath Library to obtain her ‘Oral Storytellers’ Certification. Now there are four chapter members wearing the title ‘Certified Oral Storytellers.’ Covid 19 created an opportunity that was unavailable to those who were unable to attend classes in person. It was the virus and boredom, that caused me to continue drawing bible stories using my cartoon characters, “Bowling Buddies” (bowling balls and bowling pins). In some ways Covid 19 helped some of us progress.

FYI: Trooper Burton has been keeping up with the black female 6888 Postal Battalion WW II Unit. Since the Unveiling of the monument at Fort Leavenworth, KS, the last living participants have been of interest nationally. In 2016, the Battalion was inducted in the U. S. Army Women’s Hall of Fame. Sen. Jerry Moran, R-KS introduced legislation in February to award the women the Congressional Gold Medal, Rep. Gwen Moore, D-WI, introduced a companion bill in the House of Rep. Both bills were referred to committees, but lawmakers have not taken action on them. These women are all over 90 years old and its taken more than 70 years for them to be acknowledged. When they returned home from successfully completing, what seemed, a nearly impossible task of clearing over 17 million pieces of mail in Birmingham, England and about the same in Rouen, France, they were sent home to the U. S. incognito. It was like they never left. Too many veterans get their flowers posthumously. For these last living women to see their unit receive this medal would be the best step our nation could take to apologize for not providing help, guards, or weapons for these soldiers, and say, Thank You for a job well done. As of 2016, there were only seven women remaining out of 855. The sample letter is on the back of this page, lets tell our representatives to get busy, time is so short.

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