2017 Buffalo Soldier KC Heritage Day

Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Day 2017

2017 Buffalo Soldier KC Heritage Day

Tom Bass and Western Settler

Today was the first Alexander/Madison Chapter of Kansas City Area 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Heritage Day!

It was a beautiful warm Saturday morning as our invited guest and people started to arrive. The grill was hot and the smell was some of the best advertising. With displays, tables, and tent sites set up we were underway. Under a tree with a cool breeze the storytelling and drumming began.

The photo above is of our chapter Historian, Thomas Gregory, as the most famous U.S. Marshall in the old west. and the cowboy next to him is our chapter President, John “JR” Bruce. Cathy Williams, played by our star actress and chapter Secretary, Donna Madison, told her story in her¬†inspiring way as she always does. There were Native Indians from Canada to Kansas, telling the history of their lives and mountain men rounding out the gathering.

Ceremonial elkskin communal drums were accompanied by songs in native tongue by settlers and natives alike. I sat in on a couple of them and was surprised to find the mallet used to play the drum rebounded off the head of the drum more forcefully than the effort to strike it. I was told it was the spirits being lifted with each stroke. I didn’t understand the words but the spirit was strong.

Now to express my greatest disappointment about that wonderful day. I lost all the other video and photos! I want to thank everyone that came out to visit with us and apologize for not letting everyone see how beautiful you were. I mistakenly locked my phone and everything on its memory chip was wiped clean! Real bummer!

But tell you what, we are planning to do it again! The intent of the Buffalo Soldiers KC Heritage Day is to assemble living oral/interpretive history in an open and fun way for the whole family. Look for our announcement for our next event. We look forward to sharing our lives and stories from the past with you. Until then…

Scout’s Out!

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