George Pettigrew

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Are you ready to tell yours? In 2017, Mid-Continent Public Library’s Story Center partnered with Metropolitan Community College to offer a rigorous set of free workshops called the Storytelling Certification Program designed to take participants from the first spark of inspiration to a fully realized story.

Now, anyone at any point in their story journey has the opportunity to expand their skills as a writer or performer through this program. December 8, 2018, marked our first-ever graduation ceremony, which honored those that completed all of their required content. I am extremely proud of their accomplishments, and I’m excited to see what future stories they tell!

After the ceremony, I sat down for coffee with one of the graduates, George Pettigrew, to get his thoughts on this process:

View the entire blog post on the Mid-Continent Public Library Story Center, Oral Storyteller Certification program website:

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